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Education Review Office Report


To: Parent and Caregivers

Tēnā koutou,

Re: Education Review Office (ERO) Report 2019

In February this year, the Education Review Office (ERO) undertook an external evaluation of Ōhope Beach School (OBS).  Our previous visit by ERO, in September 2014, had a wide focus across all curriculum areas and concluded that “Ōhope Beach School is providing students with high-quality opportunities to achieve success with their learning. Targeted programmes are planned for all students achieving below expected levels.”  This  has not changed and we continue to develop targeted individual programmes that are a continual focus and planned for all students.

In 2019, ERO’s ‘Review’ brief has narrowed to equity and excellence in learning for students with a specific focus placed on Māori students and those with additional needs.  This focus was underpinned by historic documentation and data analysis by ERO,unfortunately very little time or consideration was given inside the classroom by the ERO Review team  to engage with our passionate, professional and highly experienced teachers.  The data analysed by ERO was representative solely of a small number of our pupils (in fact it was less than 10!) and it is regrettable that this data was not analysed in context.

This report has concluded that ERO’s overall judgement of Ohope Beach School’s performance in achieving valued outcome for its students is Developing – particularly processes and practices for accelerating the learning for at-risk Māori and boys.  From analysis of both the data and the information supplied to ERO, we do not believe that this judgement accurately reflects Ōhope Beach School’s approach to learning nor does it accurately reflect the outcomes for all our students.  

We believe that our School strives to provide an environment which encourages and enriches learning.  We proudly offer a learning environment characterised by teachers that know their students and are who are responsive to the individual needs of our learners.  ERO’s report supports this view, noting that “Students are actively engaged in their learning and teachers use a range of information to plan for individual student needs.  A number of interventions and programmes is available to support the learning of students who are at risk of underachieving.  Students with additional needs are well supported.”

As part of our commitment to our school’s continual review process, the Board, Management and Staff of Ōhope Beach School will continue to evaluate  a number of programmes that we have in place to support and accelerate achievement across all students, as well as improving our use of data to target and to improve outcomes.  

The ERO report has now been finalised and is available on both the ERO and OBS websites.  Should you have any concerns or comments regarding ERO’s report, we welcome your feedback.

Nga mihi,

Ben Gibson                                                                                      Tony Horsfall

Chairman                                                                                         Principal

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