Ohope Beach School - Dream Believe Achieve


The Ministry of Education has placed much emphasis on attendance in their efforts to address achievement.  For most children "Attendance = Achievement".  The school has procedures in place to monitor and track attendance at school.  We thank you for your support of regular attendance at school.

It is essential that we know where our pupils are on any given day. If your child is away from school at any time we require a note, or a telephone call, from you explaining your child's absence. We have a telephone system that allows you to go directly through to an answer-phone machine to leave a message. You can also text an absence to 027 750 3515 - please state your child's name and their class. We also have a school app which can be downloaded to your phone. You are able to notify us of your child's absence through the school app.

Office staff will ring parents, at home or work, if an absence occurs and we have not been informed

Staff complete a register of attendance twice each day - morning and afternoon.  
Children should not be absent from school for reasons other than sickness or exceptional family circumstances (eg bereavement) without first consulting the Principal.

A regular assembly is held to share work, commend good work/behaviour, engage in communal activities (eg. singing, shared reading) and to carry out our PRIDE presentations. Parents/caregivers are welcome to attend these assemblies which are held on Friday mornings in Manawanui. Each week a class will be rostered to carry out the hosting of assembly.
Special assemblies for important notices and organisational details are held when necessary.

Our school strongly recommends that children below Yr 5 level should not ride bicycles to school. Research shows that younger children can not judge speed/distance etc.
It is the law that anyone riding a bicycle must wear a safety-approved helmet.
Cycle stands are provided in the school grounds for storage of bicycles during normal school hours.

Board of Trustees
The Board of Trustees plan to meet in the school meeting room on the fifth and ninth Tuesday of each term at 5.30pm. Meeting dates are included in the school newsletter as they are subject to change if the need arises. The agenda for, and minutes from Board of Trustees meetings are available at the school office. The Board of Trustees has an election every three years (2019 was the last Board election year).

Ohope Beach School has a nil tolerance for bullying. All verbal/physical bullying is dealt with seriously according to our Behaviour Management procedure.

Buses - Ministry of Education
Under Ministry of Education rules, only children who live further than 3.2 km from school are entitled to travel to and from school by bus. For our school, 3.2 km commences at:
133 Harbour Rd, 162 Ocean Road
10 (left side) and 17 (right side) Eruini Street, 

140 Wainui Road
Children on bus lists are required to notify Bus Monitors or Duty Teachers if they are going home by other transport. Children may catch the bus on a casual basis provided that a dated note is received from the parent/caregivers.
The bus times are: Morning From Wainui (Stanley Road)7.30 am
From Port 7.55 am
Afternoon To Port 2.45 pm
To Wainui 3.15pm

Class trips and visits
As part of the class programme, day visits (or in some cases, overnight camps) are undertaken by classes. These are a valuable extension of the class programme and involve a large amount of work and organisation. However, their value is unquestioned. Parent/caregiver help on such excursions is essential and any offers of transport or supervision at these times are greatly appreciated.
Parents/caregivers offering transport are requested to provide seatbelts for all passengers in a car with a current warrant of fitness and that is registered.

Classroom help
From time to time we ask parents/caregivers to help with school activities (eg. library, book maintenance, sports days, transport etc.) Offers of assistance with in-class programmes (such as reading, story writing or art and craft) are also appreciated.
If you feel that you have the expertise and / or time to make a regular commitment to the classroom to help please contact the staff.

Classroom Names
We use names instead of numbers for our school classrooms and buildings. We encourage parents to learn and use the names.
Many parents believe that New Entrant children start in room one, then go to room two etc – this is not the case in many schools, including Ōhope Beach. Using names allow us to avoid this confusion.

Manuka     Kowhai      Awatea      Matariki       Meremere        Rimu       Totora        Kahikatea

Collecting children from school
Many children are collected from school by parent/caregivers driving motor vehicles. Please note that no vehicles are allowed in the school grounds to collect children except in cases of emergency or disability.
When collecting children, you are requested to observe normal courteous road behaviour and park safely. If your children are required to cross the road to your vehicle they use the pedestrian crossing and obey the instructions of the road patrol monitors.
Please observe the 5 minutes parking restriction immediately outside the school gate. This is a ‘drop off/pick up' zone only. Parents/caregivers must not park in the staff car park or the school gateway. Please look for No Parking zone left of the school crossing between 8.00 – 9.00am and 2.00 – 3.00pm weekdays.

Common diseases / illnesses
Period of exclusion from school:


 For at least 7 days from the appearance of rash until recovery.

 Chicken Pox

 For 1 week from the appearance of rash until ALL scabs are gone.


 For at least 2 weeks from onset.


 Until all swelling has subsided and child has normal health.


 Nil, if under treatment.


 Nil, if under treatment.


 Nil, if under treatment.

School sores

 Nil, if under treatment. (No swimming unless completely healed)

Doctor's advice should be sought in all these matters where information is unavailable from the school or the Public Health Nurse. (Except headlice)

Complaints / Concerns
If for any reason your child has problems at school:

* In the first instance - see your child's teacher

* If the matter is not resolved, discuss the problem with the team/syndicate leader

* If still not resolved - make an appointment with either the Deputy Principal's - Sandy Jones or Alex Hanlen, or the Principal - Cathryn Naera

* If still not resolved you can put your concern in writing to the Board of Trustees

Often unnecessary worry can be caused by unfounded rumour or misinterpretation. If the issue is a ‘whole school' issue please see the Principal.
Note: Our school defines a concern as something expressed verbally and a complaint as written. Anonymous complaints are ignored.

Dental Clinic
The Mobile Dental Clinic visits our school once a year and each child is examined by the dental therapists. If you need dental care/help outside of this time, contact Whakatane Intermediate School where the dental therapists are based.

Regular emergency drills are held in the school to ensure that the children know what they should do should a real emergency occur.
In the event of an emergency (eg. earthquake, fire, tsunami) children will remain at school, in the care of their teachers, until collected by their parent/caregiver. Children will not be released to any person other than their parent/caregiver unless a signed note from the parent/caregiver, requesting their release, is produced.

During the school year children will be participating in a variety of events; swimming, cross country, athletics, summer and winter sports, cultural presentations etc. You will be informed, by newsletter/website and School App, when these events are to be held.
As a school, we welcome all parents/caregivers, grandparents and friends of the children to come along and join us on these occasions.

Friends of the school group
This organisation plays a vital role in providing support for the children of our school. The group involves itself in supporting curriculum evenings, organisation of social occasions, involvement in special projects and fundraising. We are particularly fortunate in the dedication and enthusiasm shown by this group.
Meetings are usually held twice a term on a Monday in the school staffroom and are open to all parents/caregivers.   

New members are always welcome.

Health Nurse
The Health Nurse visits the school regularly to provide specialist assistance to the children. At various times during primary school, the children's hearing and vision are checked by the specialist technicians.
If you are worried about your child's vision/hearing, please notify the school immediately.

Parents want to be a part of their child's education and this can be done through a number of ways.

  • Development of oral language is a critical factor for children and we encourage you to have regular conversations with your child about their learning. Encourage them to speak in a sentence, ask and answer questions, and talk to them as you are carrying out household activities like cooking , shopping etc. Explain to them what you are doing so they develop the language specific to these tasks.
  • In the early years children will bring reading material home to support class instruction. This can be read to, with or by your child in a positive manner.
  • Reading to your child regularly will assist in the development of word knowledge and vocabulary.
  • Number knowledge is vitally important to numeracy development. In the early years being able to count from 1 to 10 in the correct order, make sets of 5, recognise numerals to 5, know basic colours and shapes and ability to sort by colour, shape or size can be extremely beneficial to your child's maths development.
  • Classes will have various other activities to support learning at home and these may change depending on the integrated work or theme at the time.

Feel free to meet with your child's teacher to follow up any questions you may have.

Illness at school
Children who become ill during school time are cared for in the sickbay which is located near the school office. Parents/caregivers are advised by phone and may collect their child from the sickbay.
All teachers are First Aid certified and are able to administer First Aid and attend to minor injuries. Should it be considered that the child requires professional medical assistance a staff member will take the child to the nearest Doctor, if parents/caregivers cannot be located. Please ensure that the school has an emergency contact number.
Painkilling medicines such as paracetamol will not be administered to pupils unless the school has written permission to do so.
Children with medication at school should hand it to the classroom teacher rather than leave it in their bags. (This does not include inhalers for asthma).
Please keep us fully informed if your child is on any form of medication at any time.

Library and reading
We encourage children to take home library and reading books but like to get the books back in good condition. Quality, bright coloured, waterproof book bags are available from the office and it is expected that every child in the middle and junior school uses one to help protect our reading resources.
The replacement cost for lost or damaged books must be reimbursed by the parents/caregivers of the borrower.

Lost property
Problems with lost property are made considerably easier if all items are named. A large lost property box on the verandah beside  the school hall and parents/caregivers are welcome to look through it at any time. Articles remaining in the box at the end of each term are disposed of.


On Friday only lunches are delivered to school by Subway. Orders can be made via the Subway website. Orders need to be made before 9.00am on Friday mornings. Please ensure your child's classroom name is entered when the order is made.

We expect all children to be provided with healthy lunches. This should include brain food (non-processed snacks). Please encourage your children to bring home uneaten lunches.