Ohope Beach School - Dream Believe Achieve

New Enrolments
Arrangements can be made for orientation visits for children for the five weeks leading up to their fifth birthday.
To place a child on our ‘Pre-enrolment' List contact the office before the child's fifth birthday. Caregivers should bring their child's birth certificate or passport for verification.
If you know of any children who are prospective new entrant enrolments, please notify the office.

Newsletters are sent home regularly (usually on Thursday each week) to inform parents / caregivers of coming events, changes or developments in the school. The newsletter is emailed directly to you. It is also available on the school website, Facebook page and on the School App. 

Office hours
Our school office administrator (Jenny McKenzie) works from 8.00 am until 3.00 pm Monday to Friday.

Physical Education
All children must take part in the school's physical education/fitness programmes unless a note is sent from home requesting exemption for health reasons.
For the general physical education/fitness programmes, children are required to wear shorts (or, in especially cold weather, track pants) and they should bring these to school every day.
The swimming component of the physical education programme is taught in the school pool and children should bring their swimming togs/towels to school every day during the swimming season.
Children wishing to play games on the fields during the winter term should have a complete set of old clothes to change into. Please ensure that all clothing brought to school is clearly named.

The Board of Trustees have overall responsibility for setting the school policies and procedures.
Policies are the guiding documents for the governance of our school (eg: Financial Planning, Curriculum Delivery).
Procedures relate to the day to day running of the school (eg: internet use, emergency evacuations, pupil assessment etc).

Children often bring possessions from home (toys, skates, skateboards games etc) to play with or use at school. Whilst every endeavour is made by staff to ensure that the property is looked after while it is at school, we will not accept any responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged property. Please assist us by ensuring that all property is named and by discouraging children from bringing valuable possessions to school.

Progress through school
Children progress through school according to their readiness and ability and it is unwise to compare one child's progress with that of another. Not only do children begin school at different times but they also progress individually at different rates. Emotional barriers can be set up against learning if comparative or unrealistic demands are made of children before they are ready. Even children in one family have different educational needs and learning rates.

Parents/caregivers are encouraged to contact the school at any time during the year if they have any concerns regarding the progress of their children. If you would like an interview, please arrange a time, in advance, with the classroom teacher involved.
Term 1 Meet the Teacher Evening February
Child Centred Conferences - Goal Setting Interviews March
Term 3 Student Led Conferences End of Term 2
Term 4 Written Report December

Road patrols
Yr 6 children with adult supervision, operate the road patrol crossing every morning and afternoon. Parents/caregivers are asked to:
Use the pedestrian crossing.
Keep clear of the bus stop, school entrance and No Parking areas near the crossing.
Not call children from across the road.

Safety on the roads
Children should know how to conduct themselves on their way to and from school. They should be aware of how to cross the road and on which side of the road to walk. Other safety rules to be taught are:
Look both ways before crossing the road.
Keep to the right of the road if there are no footpaths.
Walk smartly across the road, using a pedestrian crossing, if available
Children should not loiter on the way home from school.
Children should not visit friends without permission.
Children should be warned against going anywhere with strangers
Children below year 5 should not bike to school unless they do so with a responsible adult.

School donations
Donations are a vital component in the financial functioning of the school. These are set annually by the Board of Trustees and a request is made to parents/caregivers for the amount on a term-by-term or an annual basis.
Donations can be paid by online banking to the following Bank Account

ASB - Whakatane  123253 0057930 00   Ohope Beach School.
Please ensure when making online payments that you include your child's name in the details.
The cost of one cultural activity per term is included in the school fee.
As a school, we endeavour not to ask parents for regular money for school activities (ie: a dollar for this, a dollar for that).

School grounds
Families are welcome to use the school grounds during out-of-school hours. However, parents/caregivers must accept responsibility for the behaviour of their children and the sensible use of the facilities.
The school grounds are monitored by video security.

School hours
7.50 am School opens
8.30 am Classes begin
10.30 - 11.00 am Morning interval
12.30 - 1.15 pm Lunch
2.30 pm Classes end
2.45 pm First bus departs (children meet in Manawanui - hall for the roll)
3.00 pm Second bus departs (children wait in the library to be called for the roll)

Any remaining pupils must wait at the school gate but not go outside the gate.
We do not close early on wet days.

School rules
Children are encouraged to demonstrate care, thought and consideration for people, property and the physical environment. We hope that, by giving children guidance, trust, responsibility and a framework of acceptable behaviour, they will develop independence and self-discipline. The onus for responsible behaviour is on the children themselves

We operate a behaviour management programme throughout the school which is based on the premise that teachers have the right to teach and children have the right to learn. The children are given a clear outline of the behaviour rules to be observed (for classroom, playground and bus travel) and the consequences of non-compliance. These are available in our school Behaviour Management document which is available from the school office.

The following should be observed to avoid misunderstandings:
Jewellery should be kept to a minimum (and inexpensive). Earrings are to be sleepers or studs.
No chewing gum or sweets.
Children are not permitted to leave the school grounds unless permission has been granted by a dated parent/caregiver request
Equipment in the school should be used in accordance with safety considerations.

Serious breaches of behaviour are managed using the Ministry of Education guidelines for stand-downs, suspensions, expulsions and exclusions.

Our classes have ‘Soundfield' systems. These are surround sound speaker systems where the teacher / the person talking has a headset microphone to talk into. Research has shown that these systems improve the quality of sound heard in the classroom, thus improving focus and learning.

Sports / Cultural Activities
Our school offers opportunities for sports / cultural activities. 

These include:
Kapa Haka, Netball, Hockey, Choir
Cricket, Gymnastics
Soccer, gymnastics and rugby are run through local clubs.

Stationery is available from Paper Plus and shoiuld be purchased prior to starting school (a stationery list will be given to you when you complete the enrolment form. We receive a 10% rebate from Paper Plus when parents buy anything from them. Advice Paper Plus that you are an Ohope Beach School parent.

Sun sense
Our health teaching programmes make constant reference to the need for sun sense and the children are frequently reminded to wear hats, shirts and sunblock when playing outside. Sunblock is available in all classrooms.
Our school has adopted a 'no hat, no play' policy for terms one and four. Each child is required to bring a bucket style hat to school. (terms 1 & 4)

Swimming Pool
As part of the school's aquatic programme children are expected to bring named togs and towel to school each day from the beginning of term 1. If children are unable to swim for medical/health reasons, a note to the class teacher in explanation is expected. Children are not allowed to swim if they have school sores.
The swimming programme extends for up to the first eight weeks of term one, weather permitting.

Transition to school – Information for New Entrants

Enroll your child at the school office. You will need to have a copy of your child's birth certificate or passport for enrollment to be completed. You will be required to complete the school enrollment form. You can do this at any time before your child is due to start school. On the day your child starts school, you will need to come to the office, before going to your child's classroom, so that the enrollment process can be completed and we can welcome your child to their first day of school. It is important that all your child's belongings are named.

You might like to review this list of activities before your child starts school. 

Does your child:
*Know his / her name, address and telephone number and know how to repeat it if necessary?
*Put away playthings when not using them
*Know how to take off and put on outer garments without help?
*Know how to tie his / her own shoelaces?
*Know how to use a handkerchief and always have one?
*Know how to wash and dry hands and remember to flush the toilet without assistance?
*Know how to hold and use scissors?
*Know his / her basic colours?
Know how to count from one to ten?
*Know how to sit and listen to a story?
*Know the days of the week?
*Recognise and write his / her own name?
*Look after his / her own belongings?
*Know his / her birthday and birth month?
*Pack and carry his / her own bag.

Education is a partnership

Education is a partnership between home and school. It would be appreciated if children were sent to school with a current ‘warrant of fitness' which includes:-
Plenty of sleep. We can't work with children who have watched too much TV or stayed up late—10 hours sleep for primary children is recommended.
To be well fed! Children can't learn who do not have a balanced diet with regular meal times—breakfast is essential before a 6 hour school day. Children need both mid-morning and lunchtime food and drinks.
To be secure. Ohope Beach School pupils come from caring homes. However, children need reassurance and to have realistic expectations from their parents.
To have a positive attitude. If children expect good things to happen at school in all areas of learning they will have a keen and sparkling approach to their day. Don't dull this with your worries, fears and niggles!
To have the correct gear. Comfortable working clothes, stationery, lunch, library books and swimming togs for the next few weeks. Don't let children ring you to bring things—we encourage independence and self-organisation.
To be on time. Social things happen before school and children are disadvantaged who come late. They are not ready for the day's learning and playing. Consider 8.00 a.m. onwards for your child to arrive at Ohope School.

Important Notices